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It Happened on Fifth Street: a tale of forgotten heroes (2020)

1837. America. Alf. A hidden letter. Family secrets he’s determined to uncover.

2015. Abi. A girl from his future. A forgotten tin trunk, a mystery, and a magical old coin.

Alf and Abi, family members thrown together across the centuries, pool their knowledge. It takes ages, but at last – a breakthrough. They crack the code and Alf demands to be included. He’s sworn to silence, for lives and livelihoods are in grave danger.

And then, things go bad.

Cincinnati in the 1830s and 40s was a violent place – enemies, riots, persecution of blacks and abolitionists - in this dramatic story you've got it all!

It Happened on Fifth Street is the first in the Freedom Series. Based on new research and a vivid mix of fact and fiction, it brings back to life a forgotten story about real people and real events. Meet folks who put their lives on the line, day after day, night after night. Come with Alf and Abi on a journey you’ll never forget.

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They Said We Couldn’t Do It: Black Lawyer in a White World (Book 2 in The Freedom Series)

Two friends in strife-ridden ante-bellum America—one black, one white. Both ambitious. Both fighting ignorance, prejudice and persecution. And a 21st century girl chasing their story.

1845. Ohio.
Alf Burnett dreams of being an actor. His mother is determined to keep him tied to the family bakery and confectionery. ‘A most unsuitable career,’ she said.


John Mercer Langston faces a similar challenge, but for a very different reason. ‘A fancy education is a waste of time for a black man,’ said his brother. And many powerful white men agreed. Blocked him every way they could.

2018. New Zealand.
Alf’s descendant, university student Abi, is on their trail via treasured archives scattered around the world. She fights difficulties and disappointments in her search for the truth.
Can she bring their dramatic stories to a modern audience, or will a rival steal her dream?


Riots and resistance. Prejudice and persecution. Constant disappointments and a deadly cholera epidemic. In this action-packed tale of two historical characters, discover the impact they made in their different fields in the years before the Civil War. And cheer for modern Abi as she fights to uncover their little-known stories.

Pre-order your copy now to discover the inspirational life of John Mercer
Langston and continue the adventures of Alf and Abi, who first appeared in ‘It Happened on Fifth Street: A tale of forgotten heroes’.

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